Wave your hands in the air and shout hooray because React Query comes with dedicated devtools! 🥳

When you begin your React Query journey, you'll want these devtools by your side. They help visualize all of the inner workings of React Query and will likely save you hours of debugging if you find yourself in a pinch!

Quick Installation

To get going as fast as possible, do the following:

$ npm i react-query-devtools
# or
$ yarn add react-query-devtools

Using React Native? Try react-query-native-devtools instead.

Place the following code as high in your React app as you can. The closer it is to the root of the page, the better it will work!

import { ReactQueryDevtools } from 'react-query-devtools'
function App() {
return (
{/* The rest of your application */}
<ReactQueryDevtools initialIsOpen />

Need more control?

Visit the React Query Devtools Github Repo for more documentation!

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